I let the storm reach within me! The sand enters my eyes! But it does not hurt!I smell-rain! I am the inky blue sky- Vast-fragmented-scattered- Eternal and true.Still and silent-speaking a thousand words. I am the flying birds with their outstretched wings! Soaring higher and higher and higher Flying with the torrents-faster- Flapping their wings […]


O’ blessed rains do not stop! It could be my very last! Let me love you to my heart’s content! Let me see you to my eye’s content! Hold you to to my hand’s content! Breathe¬† you to my lung’s content! Yesteryears have gone-when you were with me- But today your beauty seems to be […]

A Simple Desire

A Simple Desire-to be by your side- But then, not so simple when I want you- to be my guide! ‘Coz-not so simple to understand the world through your eyes, U see ,I have to suffer with you for that ,and am not that wise! Not simple to find the meaning of life-death-life -death,not easy […]

The First Rains

As they say-optimism pays And heaven bestowed abundant blessings!!- The glistenings beads intertwined-feverish intoxication! Stale-refresh; Rotten- New; Dead-Life; And so the cycle of life begins successfully! Come-let us open our hearts to- Those children appeasing the Rain God with their Rain Dance! -Those dripping feathers and their  open beaks! -Those larvae and their forthcoming beauties! […]

Before the Rains……………..

Lightning struck!-blazed – radiant with rage-sprawling each and every corner-flashing-baring extravagantly!!-Thunder not far off!!-sobbed out his wounded soul!!-raked across an empty sky-fuming fury-rolling – echoeing-each time coming back louder-a war of words?-Not far off is the gleeful whisper of drab dead leaves-optimists u see.All mortals tonight look from the tumultuous earth -a parody of hope […]

Ferry Me Across-O’ Ferry-man!

The beauty of the moon-a hundred times more on the silent waters-the surreal light-please take me-o’ferry man-across to the shore-I fear not the fathomless sea and its tidings if I can feel once more-take me please O’ferry man-for ashore beyond those distant hills is a child -blossoming and gay-for there is a hand that holds […]

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