O’ blessed rains do not stop!
It could be my very last!
Let me love you to my heart’s content!
Let me see you to my eye’s content!
Hold you to to my hand’s content!
Breathe  you to my lung’s content!
Yesteryears have gone-when you were with me-
But today your beauty seems to be personified-Alas!!-when it is time for me to leave!!
Beautiful rain -do not leave me yet!
For tomorrow,at this hour -where will I be?
Stay a little longer-sing a little louder
If I don’t hear your melodies any more!
Those nursery rhymes !splashes in the puddles!paperboats! romance!
coffee and book!
U were so much intertwined!
But now it is time for us to part my friend!
Time for me to give way to new life-
And time for you to give joy to that life
Like you did to me.
The rain has stopped.
The rainbow glistens!
Its time for me to go.


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