I let the storm reach within me!
The sand enters my eyes!
But it does not hurt!I smell-rain!
I am the inky blue sky-
Eternal and true.Still and silent-speaking a thousand words.
I am the flying birds with their outstretched wings!
Soaring higher and higher and higher
Flying with the torrents-faster-
Flapping their wings to steady their glide!
I look down – the miniscule life below!
I flap my wings again and higher I fly.
I am the bough that dances-
How sweet and rhytmic is the wind!!
I sway and swing and laugh and jig!-
I am the leaves that scatter far and wide!!
On the farmlands-i am the soil that is tilled-
I am the nest that clasps a little warm huddle.
I feel boundless love!!
I am the fire that crackles and leaps-
That knows no bounds!-
Sometimes ambre-red and blue.
I am the ice-white and serene!
I am the deep-the waves!
Come crashing down-
Glowing in the darkness-
Dashing against the cliffs-
Showering the fuzzy spray-
Etching the rocks into beauteous shapes!!
I am nothing- everything.


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