My shadow on the walls,
Always dancing to my calls.
Sometimes blurred-dark and sometimes clear-light,
But no questions as to what is left and what is right.
O’Shadow your trust defeats me !!  Awes me !! Do you not know deceit?
It grows on every tree,blooms with every flower,disguised conceit!!
Shadow,my innocent companion,
Myself and U,  U and myself.
U are no mirage,U are my true companion.
Me and My Shadow -we speak,we  laugh,we cry,we care.
My Shadow and Me-we love ,we
wonder, we play,we share.
In the din of light, in the longest hour,
In the sunlight,in the moon clad night.
My lovely shadow ,you make the day smile,make my nights so bright.
Shadow-just you and me,a perfect world,
No lurking doubts,just trust,just truth.
Shadow,my sweet friend,forever our fingers twirled.
When I pain,you pain,when I weep, you weep,the tears fall from your eyes too!!
Shadow ,you love me so !!
My lids are heavy,stay with me for eternity for you are true.

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