I,a weary traveller,walking a hundred miles!
Broken spirit and a broken mind.
My feet are sore,my body numb,
My heart weeps in agony!Is there none?
To the church I have travelled,
lit candles ,at the alter.
Where can I find Christ?where?
To the temple,I have travelled,
burnt incense sticks day and night.
Where can I find you Ma Durga!where?
To the synagogue,I have travelled,
the Rabbi told me to stay calm.
But my heart wept,where is Adonai-‘My Lord’?where?
To the Mosque,I have travelled,
the Holy Quran ,I have read.
But Allah!!I did not find!!
A bleeding soul was I,a seeker,
Seeking love,seeking solace,seeking God.
I reached the market place,where people sell their wares,unmindful was I.
When suddenly a pair of tiny ,dirty hands,
holding a wooden horse,selling his wares,
His face,the dirtiest I have ever seen,
the poorest,
but to me the richest ,because I saw in it,
what I was looking for!!
Yes!!I saw-Christ,I saw Durga,I saw Adonai,I saw Allah-i saw G O D!!
God was there in his innocent soul!
I did not have to travel far!
I looked at all the children there,
clean spirits,clean hearts,
I did not stop the tears that overflowed with joy!!
I found My G O D afterall!!

4 thoughts on “FINDING GOD

  1. Oh, this is really wonderful. I remember a time, 15 Years ago or so, after I had lost my religion and was in a Dark Night of the Soul. I couldn’t find God in all the usual places either, and wandered for awhile….


  2. Oh, yes. 🙂 It’s not the God of my familial tradition, and my idea of the Great Mystery is definitely fluid, so I can remain open to receiving more understanding. But I DO feel very connected to the Creator of All. Thank you.

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