As sunlight filters through the leaves,
So does Grace filter into my soul.
Purifying my mind,cleansing my spirit,
Strengthening my body,invigorating each cell and tissue.
No hymns,no chants,just my heart to you,deep from the core,
And silence cries to you!
Hurdle over every barrier for all boundaries are ‘invisible’
Reverberates,in the open skies,upon the hills,upon the seas,upon land.
Softly!feel the vibes! see ,the birds can feel them too!
The butterflies flutter their wings,the swarm of bees feel them too!
The heads of the dandelions sway to and fro,in reverence to the vibrations,
The doe in the forest looks on with its beautiful eyes,wide open in awe.

May there be Harmony.
May there be Peace.
May there be Love.
May there be Happiness.
May there be Smiles.
May there be beautiful Creations.
May there be Trust.
May there be Faith.
May there be Belief.
May there be Compassion without pity.
May no affliction touch the Universe.
May there be no suffering and pain.
May there be Fortitude .
May there be Wisdom to understand the Truth.

Dear God,I know too long a prayer, with many demands, I guess my relation to you does not remain ‘Unconditional Love’ ,so it turns out ONLY YOU can give that!! Unconditional  Love.



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