Fleeting moments,that are like rain drops to be crushed in the palm.
Moments, fleeting like the butterflies
ready to spread their wings.
Moments of thought ,caught in a maze,
like the ebb and flow.
Fleeting moments,deep and timeless.
Moments of beauty that you want to hold forever!
Moments that changed your life.
That brings a smile to your lips,
A tear to your eye.
Moments to cherish,
Moments to hold close,never let go.
Moment when the sky was a fiery orange.
Then it subdued to a velvety blue,
and twilight fell,
Pursued by dusk.
And heaven’s jewels glittered in all its finery!
Those were the moments!!
Such moments to be re-lived.
Moment when that dawn broke.
Moment when the sun rose.
When the birds sang.
From their slumber did everyone awake
to a delightful world,
Joy in every heart!
These moments to be re-lived.
Fleeting moments ,like a leaf being blown away in a storm.

Precious fleeting moments.

Alas ! fleeting !

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