The cauldron of fire!!
Stirred by the three hags!
Of wicked magical powers!
The venomed toad ,wool of bat,tail of lizard,
All creatures from HELL!
Fuming! Cursing!Evil! EVIL KARMA!

Ambition kills the innocent!
Murder on a temptestuous night!
Heinous sin!one leading to another!
Greed and MORE greed!
Lust and MORE lust!
A battle between ……

A timeless war!
Who WON?    Who LOST?
Was the winner,REALLY a winner?

In such times of tempest,help me ,
O’The Enlightened One.For your path I will tread,I choose GOOD over evil.


The roots of a LOTUS flower holds steadfast to murk,that’s true,absorbing everything that’s evil,enveloping itself in selfishness ,in greed and want of power,wanting materialism,betrayal of trust,faith,living in a self created  illusionary ,artificial world of pleasure.Havoc ,disorder in such a world.

Then the LOTUS stem ‘grows out’of this dirt ,its stalk grows thicker and bolder.Now it leaves the murk and grows through water,pure, fresh water.It Rejuvinates itself,detoxifies, discards evil,absorbs good.The greed and materialism gradually fade and love and compassion seep in!FAITHFUL it is! Resisting all temptations.

The lotus stalk grows taller and
taller,upwards,towards sunlight and heaven and God,The Buddha
The flower appears ,first
encompassing all the good qualities that a person of God has,then it blooms!
But wait!!Do you know?the flower has surpassed the water level!! It is around two inches higher than the water level!
PURE and UNSTAINED and uneffected by the murk and mud .It follows its own TRUE path just like the BUDDHA, THE AWAKENED ONE!

The lotus is at last  ENLIGHTENED!
Reaching towards ‘Nirvana’ ,that is release from the bondage from the cycle of rebirth or ‘SAMSARA’, is what all followers of Buddhism aim for,ie relief from all kinds of ‘sufferings.’
O’Enlightened One!! let me be ever faithful,ever willing to learn and do good karma,ever truthful.Give me the wisdom to understand and the strength to stay away from evil and fill my heart with good,love and compassion.

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