An enchanting world !I did chance upon!
When the steamy,smoky whiffs,called to
one another!
It seemed from all corners.
And flashing showed the way.
The calling ensued,low and prolonged,
Sometimes violent !
Answers echoed across from far away,
And the clouds did come together!


Till united they were.
One ,unbroken,undivided.
And heavier and darker with time.
As I stood mesmerized!


Under a sky,with torrents of clouds rushing towards infinity!


But what of the waves?
The wind caught their turbulent passion!
Yearning to meet the descending ,dark clouds!


And the clouds did descend upon the lake.
Surrender to the Divine.
Mingling into oneness.
A phase of night during day,
When the birds returned to their  nestlings!


A heavy mist encompassed me,
I stood,lost in a frenzied way!
In a world of nostalgia!
The downpour of rain ,
Gentle and harsh.
Tantalizing my senses!
The day when heaven and earth met in love!!


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