I often wondered,what ‘light’ is?

A special one that glowed at the end of a tunnel?

Was it darkness to light?

Was it end of all struggles?

Eternal life?

I often wondered .

Till the answer I did get.

A child whose world is in darkness,

Still and silent.

A special one,God’s Child.

For his eyes,beautiful ,look towards light.

That shaft of light that comes through the window.

His eyes hold steadfast.

Eyeballs moving only when that shaft of light moved,

focussing on that light again.

His soul searching light,talking to God!

God’s Child!

His body in darkness ,does it matter then?

This Child knows!

Light of Hope?

Light of Sweet Communion?

Light of Love?

Light of Sustenance?

Light of Endurance?

Light of Patience?

Light of Tolerance?

Light of Beauty?

Light of Forgiveness?

So many things that God’s Child knows and talks about,that we don’t know.

I can only convey my love to this child for teaching me my interpretation of ,

‘L I G H T ‘.

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