Success is not about winning.
It is about having the courage to get up again after falling.
You must have heard these words over and over again.But did you ever REALLY think about them?Then did you have the COURAGE?
A HERO does.

Jesus bled to death for us,to cleanse us off our sins.And while dying,he forgave his enemies.But Jesus is part of the Divine,that part who came to save the Earth from destruction.So in his death he rose and after three days before the astounded eyes of mortals,he rose.Why?for us.To walk with us once more,to be human once more,to save once more,to love once more,to feed once more,to wipe the tears once more,to weep once more.

Heroes can be so for many reasons.Many die for love.Many are martyrs for their country.Many fight to provide shelter and eradicate poverty,Many could be doctors,who unknown to us go to remote far flung villages to offer their services.
There is something common in all of them.They have transcended the so called artificial barriers to reach out to others in need.This is what sets them apart!!This is what makes them HEROES!!

Each of us has a Hero in us.It is up to us how we use it.But you know,sometimes I cannot help but wonder,are we forgetting this ‘hero’within us?are we protecting this world and its wonderful creations like ‘heroes’?let us ask ourselves.


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