A Conversation with God

I : Sometimes ,I wish God you would come down from that alter, speak to me,give me a hug.

God : But I do child,all the time.

I ; When  ? Where?  How?

God : The last time you held an orphan,and she clung to you,it was me,hugging you.
The last time you fed a poor child,it was me you fed.
The last time you helped a blind man to cross the street,it was my hand you held.
The flower,whose fragrance you smelt was me.
And I do speak to you.
The blowing breeze.
The flutter of leaves.
The shooting stars.
The singing birds.
But ,I speak the most,
When the world speaks in one language,my language,
The language of HARMONY.
So ,come down from the alter yourself.


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