The Nightwatchman

The thick,crawly mist grasped everything.

The dark night saw nothing.

The blustery wind howled incessantly.

Rain plummeted constantly.

I heard the rhytmic beat of cane,

Of the nightwatchman walking in.the rain.

O’nightwatchman how you toil in the night!

When nothing is sunny,nothing is bright.

Do you have a fire by your side?

To get rid of numb fingers and frost bites?

O’nightwatchman what do you think walking to and fro?

Your children snugly asleep away from the wind that blow.

The thought brings a smile to your lips.

You dream of the meal they will have for the meagre upkeep.

O’nightwatchman does not the hazardous night make you afraid?

It makes my spirits wane.

But with steady gait you move on.

And whistling you break into a song.

The morning sun gulps down the mist.

The flowers look beautiful having been rain kissed.

No one knows how you waited and watched by night.

But behold the world today!what a beautiful sight!


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