Hi -am a novice-completely new to this field-then why do I write?-simple-i need to-unleash my thoughts-emotions-go right into the depth of my soul and feel-what?-lets name it -‘The Lost Earring’-its not a kind of story-its a real incident-which happened on an ordinary day -in fact the other day I went shopping,and I dropped my diamond earring at a shop.-Realized it the next day-turned the whole house upsidedown-gave up hope-got out the bill and made the call to the shop-now  the story-hey presto!-they retrieved my earrings!!-when I ultimately reached the shop-got it back-all packed up carefully in a piece of paper.These are times I guess when God comes knocking on the doors of your soul-letting you kind of know-keep the FAITH-i am moved.


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