The Nightwatchman

The thick,crawly mist grasped everything. The dark night saw nothing. The blustery wind howled incessantly. Rain plummeted constantly. I heard the rhytmic beat of cane, Of the nightwatchman walking in.the rain. O’nightwatchman how you toil in the night! When nothing is sunny,nothing is bright. Do you have a fire by your side? To get rid […]


Like the overburdened sky that showers down rain. Blades of grass from which trickles the dew. Like the wind that shakes off the leaves. The rolling ocean that ebbs with the.tide. Like the break of dawn that forgoes the moon. The eyes that do not stop the tears. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let […]


The last whiff of cold air passes by; Taking with it so many fond  memories! Of the warm mellow sun, Fragrance of smoky cinders and sweet oranges. A cracking,dry leaf falls; The last of the footsteps of winter. It bears so many thoughts……. Of friendship and warmth of sunny days, The chill of lazy evenings. […]


I chanced upon the mystic flow, And in the sunlight ,it did glow That gurgling,raging,rivulet, That  murmuring,burbling, Singing- as fine as a duet! That restless surging brook, That twirling,chafing, dancing- ripples,from every nook. Over vales and mountains and plateaus you flow! Green pastures you pass and tunnels you scour! Fuming and rushed, Jagged and gushed. […]


It rained that day,her dad came home. She had been waiting for years, To hear him call her name,hear his laugh. It rained that day,she kissed him,she had been waiting long, To be kissed by him,to be held tight. It rained that day when they took him away,wrapped up in the national flag. A long […]

A Conversation with God

I : Sometimes ,I wish God you would come down from that alter, speak to me,give me a hug. God : But I do child,all the time. I ; When  ? Where?  How? God : The last time you held an orphan,and she clung to you,it was me,hugging you. The last time you fed a […]


Success is not about winning. It is about having the courage to get up again after falling. You must have heard these words over and over again.But did you ever REALLY think about them?Then did you have the COURAGE? A HERO does. Jesus bled to death for us,to cleanse us off our sins.And while dying,he […]